"Beyond the Sling is a delightful look into the parenting journey Mayim is making with her husband. Her family-first stories are an inspiring reminder of how we navigated these waters ourselves.  We have learned that when parents choose to parent with attachment in mind, they make a lot of other good, holistic decisions regarding the health and well being of the family.  She invites her readers to understand attachment parenting, see how it is working for her family, and choose what can work for their own."

William Sears, MD, and Martha Sears, RN, Authors of The Baby Book and
The Attachment Parenting Book

"Drawing on her education as a neuroscientist, her instinct as a mother, and a community of support, Mayim has passionately embraced attachment parenting principles for raising her children. In Beyond the Sling, she shows how the secure attachment relationship that she has developed with her children has given her the confidence to define her own natural parenting style."

Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, co-founders of Attachment Parenting International
and co-authors of Attached at the Heart

"With Beyond the Sling, Mayim Bialik has developed a fantastic guide to birth and parenting that is packed with invaluable wisdom.  At once conversational, informative, and progressive, this book should be compulsory reading for anyone who has even considered becoming a parent."

Ricki Lake, executive producer of
The Business of Being Born and author of Your BestBirth

"Beyond the Sling goes beyond the scope of the standard books to enhance the parenting experience.  Mayim's warmth, dedication, and professionalism are felt throughout this wonderful book."

Lauren Feder, M.D.,author of
Natural Baby and Childcare and
The Parents' Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations