Hillel at UCLAHillel at UCLA

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

Our six key program areas build a community anchored by Jewish values:

  • Leadership
  • Social Action
  • Jewish Learning
  • Israel
  • Shabbat & Holidays
  • Culture & The Arts

Through the creation of meaningful Jewish experiences, our goal is to discover each student’s individual interests or needs and, through these pursuits, provide energizing opportunities to embrace Judaism – now and for a lifetime.

Holistic Mothers NetworkHolistic Moms Network

The Holistic Moms Network helped me get educated about parenting green and holistically. They earned my membership when my first son was born in 2005, and I am honored to be their spokesperson, empowering parents to make decisions that work for them, even if it’s considered “unconventional.” HMN is open to all kinds of parents, and everyone is welcome!

Jewish Free Loan AssociationJewish Free Loan Association

The Jewish Free Loan Association of Los Angeles ( offers 100% interest-free loans to people of all faiths for over 100 years. They have loans for everything: college and graduate school loans, emergency financial aid loans, loans to help with costs of fertility treatments, loans for paying rent, medical bills, and even loans to “green” your home. Mayim has volunteered for them since 2004, co-founding the young professionals branch of JFLA. The whole goal of JFLA is to have people take out loans, repay them at no interest, and tell people about them. That’s how word gets around that this is a wonderful philanthropic organization.

Partners In TorahPartners in Torah

Mayim studied weekly for several years following the birth of her first son with a learning partner she was matched with in 2005 through Partners in Torah (, an outreach organization that pairs you with someone you study with at your pace, the topic of your choosing, by phone as often as you like. It’s free and it’s a great way to learn about Judaism. The mission is not to get you to become religious; it’s to let you learn about whatever interests you in Judaism.

Attachment Parenting InternationalAttachment Parenting International

Attachment Parenting International (API) is the official site for education and support for parents who live according to the principles of Attachment Parenting. To learn what these principles are and why they matter.

La Leche LeagueLa Leche League International

La Leche League, International is the official website of the organization designed to help women breastfeed their babies and parent gently and lovingly. Their website has wonderful articles, books to suggest, and resources for finding a LLL leader or support group in your community.

Mayim and her family are vegan. It is challenging and rewarding, and there are many organizations that can help you learn more about going “veg.” A popular one is Veganism is not for everyone, but the health benefits, environmental impact, and ethical motivations really ring true for a lot of people. And yes you can raise healthy vegan children!

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The original “wave” artwork done for this website is by a dear friend and talented Oregon-based artist, Hawk Chait.

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